The planning process for the¬†Prince George’s County and District of Columbia Reliability and Reinforcement Project Project is underway.¬† Washington Gas is reaching out to landowners that would potentially be crossed by the project. We are committed to treating each impacted landowner with honesty, integrity and fairness. We will continue to work closely with each landowner regarding route selection, studies, planning, construction, restoration, and operation of the pipeline. Our goal is to complete the project with as little impact to the landowners as possible.

Our commitment to the communities we serve includes Washington Gas agents who are assigned to communicate directly with individual landowners. These agents are available to answer landowner questions and respond to all project-related inquiries. We encourage landowners to contact the land agent that has been in communication with them if they have questions or comments or to reach out to us using the form on this website.

Once surveys are complete and a final route has been determined, our land agents will begin the process of negotiating easement agreements with each individual landowner to compensate them for the right to use a portion of their property to construct, operate, and maintain the pipeline.

For more information, please visit the FAQ section of this website.