About the Prince George’s County and District of Columbia Reliability and Reinforcement Project

Washington Gas, a WGL company, has provided energy solutions to the national capital region since 1848.

Clean-burning natural gas is the fuel of choice for more than nine out of 10 new homebuyers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, and Washington Gas serves more than 1.1 million customers throughout the region. As the region grows, additional natural gas capacity is needed to improve reliability and reinforce the system with alternative sources during maintenance activities and periods of high-volume usage.

Washington Gas is constructing new infrastructure for Prince George’s County and the entire region. Built mostly in public and electric utility corridors, the project paves the way for economic growth and serving more residents with clean, affordable natural gas service. The investment will include approximately 16 miles of coated steel, natural gas pipeline and regulating stations connecting two portions of Washington Gas’ existing system.

Thank you for visiting our project website where we provide details to ensure transparency to the community. Washington Gas will be providing updates and developments to the information posted throughout the site — we encourage you to continue to check back for the latest about the project.